Kim Cattrall plays with her cunt and big tits

October 17th, 2016 by J

After a few failed marriages, Kim Cattrall gave up having a husband who often just like having her for a trophy wife and a supposedly lifetime fuck toy. She got sick of the thought and the fact that these losers were just after pleasure and so she went solo not just in her relationship status but also with the times she wanted pleasure. Cattrall admits she has more fun now that she can freely do whatever she wanted to herself when it comes to sex and no one to stop her from filming her kinky pussy play time, one of her fantasies which all of her former partners weren’t really up for.

Naughty Kim Cattrall playing with her juicy tits and wet pussy on webcam

Now she gets to film herself in the nude, legs open wide as she playful toys with her wet snatch and massive breasts. No more limits for this wild Sex and the City star who has always been a real-life hardcore wife who just needs to find the suitable partner who will let her become the nasty woman behind closed doors, which she’s been itching to release for the longest time since she got married to these men.

Kim Cattrall strips and masturbates

June 2nd, 2016 by J

After three failed marriages which all lasted less than 10 years each, Kim Cattrall has had enough of the formalities and went straight into exposing her dark side. Even before the first marriage, she was already into making sex tapes for men she fancies and this hot clip is just one of them. Stripping naked to reveal those perfect round breasts, spreading her legs while playing with that hot cunt, any man would go crazy watching her and would automatically get hooked for sure. Her former husbands didn’t know until some obsessed fan of hers leaked this tape and everything exploded on her face. Yes, including this pervert’s spunk.

Hot pussy-play on the bed

Kim Cattrall’s nipple slip

April 30th, 2010 by LimaBean

Everybody who watches Sex and the City knows what kind of a horny fucker Kim Cattrall or should I say, Samantha Jones is. She became more famous in her role in Sex and the City more than any other television show she’s starred in because let’s face it, anything with the word sex in it is definitely worth watching. Why shouldn’t it? In Sex and the City, Kim Cattrall is an old bachelorette whose appetite for young cocks has given her more than a hot milf imagine, but a cougar-nymph reputation even in real life.

But before she earned that reputation, we shouldn’t downplay the fact that she was already really hot to begin with. If you’re wondering what Kim looks like ten or twent years ago, here are some Kim Cattrall naked pics when her wild side hasn’t been fully unleashed. From her her slender sexy legs and toned lovely figure, she is arguably one of Hollywood’s sexiest women. While some women her age already drove their bodies down to Cellulite Town, this devilish fox still has perky and shapely tits and a slim figure that younger girls sure envy…and just to show you her extremely sexy body is timeless, here’s a Kim Cattrall nipple slip moment.

Kim Cattrall In Hot Samantha Jones-Style Hardcore

August 13th, 2008 by LimaBean

Are these scenes from the cutting room floor showing Samantha Jones in hot, pornographic situations that were left out of the last “Sex and the City” movie?  No, from what we’ve heard, these are hot pics of Kim Cattrall in action, doing what she just plain loves to do, which is having dirty, sweaty sex with random guys!  She’s just like her Samantha Jones character in that regard, always ready to have an erotic good time, getting her daily dose of carnal pleasure whenever and wherever she can, as long as the guy who slips it in her is some stud who can make her cum really hard.  If you can imagine her sexy, husky voice moaning with pleasure during every fuck session pictured here, I know you’ll be getting as hard as I am, thinking about it.

Well, that’s why I’m going to click on this link right now, because it’s got even more naughty and raunchy Kim Cattrall material available in its pages.  If those dirty pics don’t satisfy you, then nothing short of Kim Cattrall physically pleasuring you herself will!

More Recent Kim Cattrall Nudes

August 13th, 2008 by LimaBean

You can’t keep a good slut down, and while Samantha Jones may just be a character on a TV show, you know that Kim Cattrall’s got to have invested that character with a lot of her own qualities, to really bring her to life!  With three husbands already, and counting, Kim Cattrall has proven herself to be as insatiable as her cock-hungry creation.  That’s why we’re not surprised by these hot Kim Cattrall nude photos.

For a woman as in touch with her sexual side as Kim, getting naked for the cameras is obviously a natural thing to do.  She’s obviously enjoying her time back in the spotlight to the hilt, what with the big splash the “Sex and the City” movie made at this summer’s box office, becoming one of the most successful chick flicks in a traditionally action-movie oriented time.  She can bare her body all she wants with a hit like that, and it’s a great way to celebrate surviving the glut of bad movies she’s had in the 90s, where her star faded for a bit, until Samantha Jones brought her back to life.

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Early Kim Cattrall Nude Pics

August 13th, 2008 by LimaBean

Kim Cattrall started her career in the 1970s, where she guest-starred in numerous television programs, as one of the last actors signed up to the Universal Studios contract player system.  Now the concept of being a contract star of a movie studio is completely alien these days, which just underscores how long Kim Cattrall’s been in the biz.  Her career picked up in the 80s, and that’s when she had the most success on the silver screen.

Of particular interest to horndogs is her turn as Ms. Honeywell in “Porky’s”.  This precursor of movies “American Pie”, was the naughty softcore hit that really got guys carnally interested in her, and she had bigger hits after that, like the original “Police Academy“, the cult-classic “Big Trouble in Little China“, and of course “Mannequin“.

If it weren’t for the revitalization of her career thanks to HBO Original Programming, she might have been just another 80s has-been, and all we would have had are these nude pics of her which look like they were shot back then, based on her youthful features and hairstyle.  That wouldn’t have been a bad legacy by itself, in our opinion, but we’re glad she brought her sexy back and so now we can enjoy these naked images while looking forward to new, raunchier stuff, because that’s just how Samantha Jones rolls!

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